Required Preparation for

Law in the International School

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Welcome to Law in the International School. The foundation for learning in this course rests on your willingness to think, discuss, learn and enjoy the experience. Over the past eight years of teaching this course, the value of our work together comes most from the dialogue that arises from these topics and the surrounding assignments.


Pre-Reading Materials: included in the full pdf version via the link above

  • The Legal System, Kern Alexander and M. David Alexander, American Public School Law. 2005, Thompson West Publishers (pp 1-19).

  • Case Law: AV v. iparadigms, 544 F.Supp. 473, (ED, Va 2008)


Bring (if possible, email these to me in advance - email address below):

  • A copy of the Articles of Incorporation or Charter for your international school.

  • A copy of any written code of student conduct.

  • A copy of any employment contracts you may be able to share with me or the class - yours and staff contracts.

  • A copy of any Acceptable Use Policy that is published for your school.

  • A copy of any policy that governs academic integrity.

I understand that some of these documents are considered proprietary. I do not share these documents with anyone except members of the class and I will not post or publish any of your contracts or policies to our class unless you give me permission.


Hypothetical:  In preparation for our first session, please consider the hypothetical included in the full pdf version via the link above. Please bring a written response with you to our first session.

Your profile: In anticipation of our time together, I would appreciate the opportunity to know more about you. Please take some time in the intervening months to send an email of introduction. Include information about yourself and the school you serve. It would help me to know more about your expectations for this course.Email:

Watch a short video to prepare for your course.

Bring a laptop (REQUIRED):

  • Your course materials are digital. Hard copies of the materials will not be available on site. Participants are required to bring a laptop or other device with appropriate adapters and wireless internet capability to this course. For information on iPads and tablets, click here.

  • Download Adobe Reader DC now in order to be able to access your materials properly.


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I look forward to working with you this summer!

Mark Klein (MIAMI)