Required Preparation for

Creating an Effective School

PDF - Download the complete CES Prep assignment including readings.



  • A brief description of one possible improvement at your school which you feel would positively impact student learning, including: why you think it is a significant issue, what evidence you have to support your thinking, and what actions leaders might take to ensure that this improvement is implemented. Read and become familiar with the culminating task template (in the PDF above) where you will plan for that improvement.

  • Foundational statements from your school, such as mission and vision, learning principles, or anything that helps stakeholders understand the school’s purpose and direction. Be familiar with these documents and be able to access them during the course.


In preparation for the course, you are asked to read ONE of the following readings found in Schoology (see joining instructions below), with this focus question in mind: What makes a school effective? You will find your reading assignment on the list in the Prep Assignment/Prep Readings folder in Schoology.

 You will be the only one in your group who has read your assigned reading. Therefore, you will be the "team expert" on that reading, responsible for helping your team understand essential take-aways, significant discussion points and the essence of the article. You may choose to write and share some notes as a resource and to build common understanding among your team. There will be no in-class time for reading. We will discuss them on day 2:

  1. OECD- What makes a World-class School? P. 61 – 64

  2. McKinsey Report p.5-22

  3. Ontario School Effectiveness Framework p. 2-5 (pages 9-41, if time)

  4. Correlates of Effective Schools - Lezotte - all pages

  5. Levels of School Effectiveness - Marzano p. 1 -17

  6. 10 Principles for Schools of Modern Learning p. 7-17


A written (one page) case study or example, dealing with a problem or situation you have confronted during your professional practice. This case study or example will be shared in your small group sessions in the afternoon.


…a short video to prepare for your course.


  • Your course materials are digital. Hard copies of the materials will not be available on site.  Bring a laptop computer with appropriate adapters and wireless internet capability. Click here for more information about iPads and tablets. Chromebook users can use the free Kami extension to annotate.

  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC now in order to be able to access your materials properly.

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Miami: Lee Fertig & Jamie Otis (1st offering) and Julie Ryan & Barry Dequanne (2nd offering) 

London: Sue Easton and James Dalziel