Earning Microcredentials through the PTC


• Provide evidence of the specific knowledge, skills and understandings gained during each professional development opportunity.
• Demonstrate learning and skills to colleagues, teams, administration, and potential employers.
• Choose your own specific professional growth area.
• Enhance your professional profile/résumé.


There are two levels of micro-credentials to be earned:
• Level One: demonstrate knowledge
• Level Two: demonstrate skill
• Choose to earn one or both.


Through badgelist.com:
• Join the badge that matches the course that you are attending when you receive the welcome email.
• Complete the assigned task and submit your work.
• Wait for feedback and micro-credential confirmation from a PTC trainer.
• Post or share on your résumé, through LinkedIn, or in a Mozilla backpack.


• Complete Level one tasks during your TTC/ TLI or CTC course.
• Complete Level two tasks within two weeks of completion of the course.