Curriculum and Assessment for English Learners - EAL 101

Location: Online
Facilitator: Dr. Gini Rojas 

This is a ten-week course offered online once an academic year. The course focuses on a rigorous, standards-driven, and evidence-based curriculum model co-designed by classroom teachers and EAL specialists to ensure that all English learners - regardless of English language proficiency - have access to grade-level standards and materials, including technology. The relationship of assessment as evidence, standards-based grading and reporting, and proactive instruction are analyzed and applied to current classroom practices.

The roles and responsibilities of mainstream and EAL teachers in this model are clear: to identify aligned content and language development learning targets and to scaffold English learners' achievement on formative and summative assessments as an integral part of the school. Classroom and EAL teachers co-plan summative and formative assessments grounded in the standards and benchmarks and collect evidence to dispel the fallacious notion that English learners can't attain the same expectations. Course participants review the use of standardized language proficiency tests, achievement tests, and classroom-based formative and summative assessments to inform instruction and monitor academic English-language development as a part of - and not apart from - an EAL responsive ecology throughout the school (i.e. immersion schooling).