The Teaching Counselor - CTC 107

When it comes to international mindedness, social responsibilities, and transition, counselors are key leaders of the mission statement and affective student learning outcomes in international schools. Therefore, counselors devote considerable time and focus to teaching in schools, hence the Teaching Counselor.

This course offers skills for counselors teaching in the classroom and presenting to student and adult audiences and will include:

  • Practicing and refining skills for working in classrooms and for delivering parent education sessions.

  • Engaging in reviews and activities for grades K-5 guidance curriculum.

  • Defining the role of counselors in leading grades 6 -10 advisory programs.

  • Exploring the role of student support programs on kid culture.

  • Reviewing themes and methods for parent education.

Essentially focusing on Elementary and Middle School counseling realms, all division counselors may join to refine their teaching and presentation practices. Counselors will practice with a range of teaching tools, interactive lessons, curriculum documents, resources and peer feedback sessions.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will...

  1. Understand the positive impact of counselors teaching in schools

  2. Evaluate the opportunities for counselors delivering programs in schools

  3. Examine counseling curriculum for themes supporting school missions

  4. Identify measurement indicators of kid culture

  5. Review counseling curriculum to enhance kid culture in schools

  6. Identify proactive themes to include in Guidance and Advisory programs

  7. Analyze the major components of school parent education program

  8. Review methods for parent forums and parent education sessions