Managing the Maze: USA University Admission - CTC 104

Designed for experienced international school counselors, this course will explore the world of college admissions, offering an in-depth exploration of the admission process at American universities. We will begin in the admission office, and will assess the evaluation rubrics used by highly selective universities in the United States. From there the course will segue into a breakdown of the Common Application – with an emphasis on providing counselors with the training needed to guide students through the essay section of the application. Other topics covered will include the hot buttons of the admission process: standardized tests, early action versus regular decision, advanced placement and International Baccalaureate courses, athletics, development and legacies. Through a series of case studies, collaborative learning strategies and simulations participants will:

  • Gain valuable insight on putting together outstanding counselor and teacher letters of recommendation

  • Develop the tools needed to design a school profile that caters to the needs of universities in the United States

  • Understand the various factors that play a role in the decision making process of admission officers

  • Increase their understanding of the financial aid and scholarship process in the United States

  • Gain an appreciation for and understanding of the role that extracurricular activities, leadership and summer engagement play in the evaluation process

  • Enhance their knowledge of the over 2,000 institutes of higher learning in the United States

  • Understand the important role that a college counselor must play in guiding each applicant’s academic and curricular choices

As participants you will get an inside peak into the world of college admissions and walk away with resources that you can use to better guide your students and train your faculty.

In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.