University Counseling in the International School (2-Day Offering) - CTC 103b

Is your school doing all it can to fulfill its promise?

Virtually every international school, through the school’s mission, holds the promise of a university education for every student.  Parents often select an international school over other systems based on their perception that they will be providing their children with a significantly increased opportunity to both have access to and succeed at highly competitive universities worldwide.

What goes on in the effective university counseling program in the international school?  Join colleagues from international schools in a two-day focused exploration into the unique skill and knowledge base.

Through case studies, collaborative learning strategies, interactive simulations, and a web-based resource platform, participants will:

  • Gain valuable insight into the inner-workings of university admission offices with a focus on the multiple factors impacting each decision to admit or deny a student
  • Understand the offerings and requirements of university systems in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK
  • Explore and practice with tools for creating effective application essays, letters of recommendation and school profiles.
  • Explore how best to organize a university counseling office and the cycle of a year as a university counselor