Required Preparation for

Counseling Across Cultures In the International School

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Dear CTC Cultures Participants,

I look forward to converging in London to explore how culture affects our work as school counselors!

For 12 years, I worked internationally in South Korea, Hong Kong and Switzerland as a high school counselor. I have returned to the US and work as a school counselor in a large, multicultural district near Minneapolis, MN. I have presented at the American School Counselor Association national conference, EARCOS conferences, as well as ECIS. I look forward to a highly interactive professional development course on Counseling Across Cultures! My aim is to present new frameworks around culture. These will supplement rich discussions. We also learn practical activities that you can take back to your schools to guide and enhance your work with students and families.

I have prepared the following   3   Numbered Preparation Assignments. Completion of these assignments this spring will allow you to hit the ground running when we meet. It will allow you to focus on building relationships with your peers, digest the material presented in class, and contribute to the course discussion and activities. See Schoology for more resources as well!


A laptop (required)

  • Your course materials are electronic. Hard copies of the materials will not be available on site. Participants are required to bring a laptop computer with appropriate adapters and wireless internet capability to this course. If you are bringing a school laptop or one you are not familiar with, be sure to have the settings checked and be familiar with any passwords required to access wireless internet and to download software. Click here for more information about iPads and tablets. Chromebook users can use the free Kami extension to annotate.

  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC now in order to be able to access your materials properly.


1.     Identify some digital photos of “cultural artifacts” and make a Google Slide that reflects your core identity:

  • Our cultural identity emerges from family upbringing, experiences, artifacts, living among other cultures and the ways in which we internalize cultural behaviors.  Please share images that reveal the deeper layers of who you are, and add a slide of your own to this slide show. We will use this slide show throughout the course.


2.     Participant presentations (Cultural Gems):

We are asking four people to contribute to the warm-up activity of the day-- You would share a lesson plan or activity that you have done with students or parents that pertains to culture. Timeframe is 5 minutes. If you are interested in volunteering email


3.     Write a Critical Incident:

As part of the course we will be reviewing "critical incidents" together. You have received a "Critical Incident Template" attached to the PDF version of your prep (linked at top of page). Please read and follow the guidelines. This will take about 30 min to write. Consider it a “case study” with a cultural element(s) at play that would be good to discuss with the group. It does not need to be a counseling issue and could be in the broader educational context. Please bring your Critical Incident to the course.


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Essential to the success of this course will be:

  • A willingness to share and explore with each other. Our greatest learning and impact comes from our interactions together!

  • Confidentiality/level of disclosure - Why? We will all need to feel comfortable talking with each other, talking about our experience and will need to trust each other for 'what is said during the course stays in the course.'

  • A positive attitude, but a critical eye. We will present several maps. But as Milton Erickson was famous for saying: 'the Map is not the territory.'  Figure out how and where each map applies to your context.

I am excited for this course. Please do not hesitate to post questions in Schoology or contact me with questions:

I look forward to seeing you this summer!

Jeff Steuernagel