Admissions in the International School - BTC 104

The admissions office performs a critical, connected function in the life of an international school.  The admissions professional is responsible for communicating a learning vision to prospective families, administering a complex and efficient process, meeting clearly-defined enrollment targets, as well as managing a set of relationships both inside and outside of the school. 

This course provides participants with a practical toolkit for managing a successful admissions office that supports the learning vision and mission of the school.

Participants will also:

  • Share knowledge about how families evaluate and select international schools

  • Consider how the admissions office can influence the family decision-making process

  • Think about the way in which policy can bring clarity and simplicity to complex procedures

  • Develop strategies for managing difficult relationships

  • Understand the role of data and the importance of key performance indicators relating to school enrollment

  • Reflect on the future of school admissions, based on current trends

  • Practice with some of the essential 'nuts and bolts' aspects of running an effective admissions process

The course is designed for admissions professionals, as well as business managers and heads of school.