Security in the International School: Essential Practices - BTC 102

In years past, international schools were relative safe havens and to a large extent unaffected by safety and security concerns outside their walls. But today’s reality is vastly different: safety-related issues permeate school properties – irrespective of country or jurisdiction. School administrators, planners, and authorities must be prepared for a full range of potential problems, including an active shooter, intruders, bullying via social networks, weapons incidents, workplace violence, kidnapping, or even terrorist threats or civil unrest. Natural disasters also can cause significant disruption and create safety hazards.

This institute will provide an overview of international school security planning, highlight response strategies, and address:

  • What unique safety and security threats do international schools face in today's environment, and how should you plan for them?

  • What are the key steps to identifying and assessing safety and security gaps at your school?

  • How does a school develop a comprehensive emergency action plan?

  • Who is responsible for the implementation of your school's security program?

  • In light of recent world events, can your institution rely upon host nation authorities in the event of a national crisis or major civil unrest?

Anyone in the international school who has a role in or responsibility for crisis planning and response will benefit from this course.  

In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.