Required Preparation for

Fundraising in the International School

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Preparation Materials:

Option 1: If you have no experience in fundraising or not enough to complete Option 2 below, complete this assignment:

  • Go to the website of a professional organization involved in fundraising. One of the finest organizations is Indiana University Center of Philanthropy, but you may go to other sites or sources:

  • Select an article related to fundraisingin which you are interested

  • Write a 1 page review of the article – use bullets for essential learning and key points

  • Be prepared to share your review of the article with the class (3 minutes)

  • Bring a hard copy of the article and your review to the 1st day of the course. The articles will be available for participants to read during the course.

Option 2:  If you are already involved in a fundraising activity at your school choose this preparation assignment:

  • Describe: A capital campaign (building or major facility), project, or program for which your international school needs to raise funds.

  • Identify: 2 prospective donors you feel are likely candidates to cultivate and ask for a major donation.

  • Consider: What is your level of confidence that your prospective donor will support your ‘ask’? Include any research that led to your decision to identify the prospective donors as being most likely to donate. Tip: Were you successful in determining the 'key influencers' on their decision to support your ask?

Bring a laptop (REQUIRED):  Your course materials are electronic. Hard copies of the materials will not be available on site.  Participants are required to bring a laptop computer with appropriate adapters and wireless internet capability to this course.

TC Connection: This is the online portal for everything related to your course. Become familiar with how to use it. You should have received an invitation to your class group. Refer to that email for more details.

Vignettes:  In preparation for the small group sessions in the afternoon please bring a written (no more than one page) case study or vignette, dealing with a problem or situation you have confronted during your professional practice. 

I look forward to seeing you this summer!

Phil Stroup