Required Preparation for

Leading Beyond Conflict

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  • Identify one conflict scenario you have experienced or are currently experiencing at your school.

  • > Write a one-page description and be prepared to share the written piece and to discuss it.

  • > It can be current or in the past. It may describe a situation you have personally experienced

  • or that has occurred elsewhere.

  • > Provide the background and make clear the significant factors, issues and personnel involved.

  • Upload the written scenario to TC Connection. Once in our class group, click on the ‘Resources’ folder on the left sidebar, then the folder called ‘Scenarios’. Please upload no later than 25 May.


There is an extensive body of research and ‘theory’ on the theme of ‘conflict’ - how to define it, how to ‘manage’ it, whether to embrace it or avoid it, varying individual perspectives.

Our course is focused on ‘conflict’ in the professional setting of the school, particularly through the lens of principals and other school leaders. As we have developed this course, it has become clear that each of us comes to the notion of conflict with a huge amount baggage!

The article 'Settlement, Resolution, Management, and Transformation: An Explanation of Terms', included in the downloadable PDF helps to focus the working definition we will be using during the course.  It is also available online.

Please read it before your arrival.


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