Leading Beyond Conflict (joint with PTC) - BTC 105

Note: This is PART one of a Two Part course.

This course can be taken for full credit towards a BTC certificate or or 1/2 credit towards a PTC certificate in category 4. A BTC 4 day course may also be taken for 1/2 credit toward the PTC certificate.

This course focuses upon the issue of conflict, which can arise in numerous forms and at various levels within the complex environment of the international school, and provides deep insights and practical applications with which to address it.

In this course participants will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the causes and nature of conflict

  • Work on two major themes; minimising conflict in the international workplace; and resolving conflict

  • Develop a new paradigm with which to view and work with conflict

  • Enhance self-awareness in order to better deal with conflict

  • Learn tangible skills to manage and reduce conflict

  • Examine the issues and implications of perception

  • Map a conflict and establish a resolution plan


Essential Questions

  1. What is the essential nature of conflict?

  2. What are the main causes of conflict in the international school environment and in what forms does it present itself?

  3. Can conflict provide opportunity? Are there pros and cons of conflict?

  4. As a leader, what do I know about myself regarding (a) How I deal with conflict and (b) What impact I may have on others?

  5. What actions can a leader take to effectively minimize corrosive conflict within a diverse international school workplace?

  6. If conflict does occur, what skills and strategies can a leader employ to deal with it?

  7. What are the implications of not addressing conflict?

  8. What knowledge and skills may be imparted to staff members and students to enable them to work harmoniously?

  9. How do effective leaders minimize and manage conflict within a culturally diverse wider school community?

  10. What is the significance of communication in conflict management?

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