Personalizing and Differentiating to Meet Student Needs - TTC 119 2-Day (new!) 

Location: London Spring 2018
Facilitators: TBA

Learning has always been and will always be 'personal'. Students come to our schools from different cultures, with different learning approaches, starting points, interests etc. - with diversity of all types. The challenge for teachers in classrooms around the world is twofold: discovering and understanding the personal learning needs of each student and responding to those needs through differentiated instructional design to ensure that all students learn.

How do we do this? Join us as we explore practical strategies for getting to know our students better, plan learning opportunities conceptually, and teach and assess using research-based strategies in this new two-day TTC course.

Essential Questions:

  • How does knowing my students as learners increase their opportunities for learning?
  • What strategies are most efficient and effective for gathering knowledge of my students?
  • How does teaching conceptually provide all students with entry points for learning?
  • How can I enhance assessment practices to ensure that students are becoming more self- directed and knowledgeable about their own learning?
  • What research-based differentiated instructional strategies are available to support learning for all students?
  • How can I make differentiated instruction the 'core' of my teaching?

Web and print resources for this course.