Required Preparation for

Personalizing Learning for your Students

Miami: 27 June - 1 July 2018

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  • One unit of instruction from your grade level. This can be in any curricular area and should include the learnings taught including outcomes, standards, and benchmarks, assignments, activities and strategies used, and assessment methods/instruments. 
  • Learning outcomes/standards and benchmarks (grade level expectations) for this unit.
  • A sample of work from a student who is currently experiencing academic difficulties within the classroom.
  • A collection of data (i.e. anecdotal, numeric, rubrics, standardized assessment results) that you have used to make instructional decisions.


In preparation for the daily afternoon group sessions, please review the "Must Do" reading (below), and determine which of the questions is of greatest concern at your current school.


Please review the MUST DO's and MAY DO's for readings in preparation for the course:

Focus questions for all readings:

  • What three key take-aways do you have from the readings?
  • How do they connect to your current setting?


Read the following foundational text and choose the question which best describes and area for growth at your school:

Let's Celebrate Personalization: But Not Too Fast, C. Tomlinson, 2017 (in PDF above)

This article suggests 10 questions that teachers and schools might consider as they embark upon the journey of personalizing and differentiating learning for their students.


Read three of the following texts with the focus questions in mind:

(1) Mindsets and Equitable Education, C. Dweck, 2010

This article reiterates the role of growth mindsets for both teachers and students in the differentiated classroom. 

(2) Students Share Lessons Learned About Personalized Learning, Davis and Loewus, 2017

Read student perspectives on personalized learning based on their own educational experiences.

(3) 6 Key Insights: Rand Corp. Researchers Talk Personalized Learning, B. Herold, 2017

Read about six key insights that have arisen from current research on personalized learning. 

(4) Deciding to Teach Them All, C. Tomlinson, 2003 (in PDF above)

Carol Ann Tomlinson provides an overview of the importance of equity and access for all learners in our classrooms.

(5) How to Teach Now, Bill and Ochan Powell, 2011 (in PDF above)

The introduction of Bill and Ochan Powell's book How to Teach Now offers several student case studies to frame the importance of personalizing learning and differentiating instruction within an international school context. 

*Be prepared to share your learnings and proposed action with others.


Watch a short video to prepare for your course.


Please complete the pre-course Google survey here.


Your course materials are digital. Hard copies of the materials will not be available on site.  Bring a laptop computer with appropriate adapters and wireless internet capability. Click here for more information about iPads and tablets. Chromebook users can use the free Kami extension to annotate.

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