TLI Certificate of International Teacher Leadership

The Principals Training Center offers teacher leaders the opportunity to earn a 'Certificate of International Teacher Leadership'. This certificate is an acknowledgement that the recipient has been trained for a teacher leadership position in an international school.

How can I earn the certificate?

The Certificate of International School Teacher Leadership is earned by completing four courses:

  • Two regional Teacher Leader Institutes (TLI Institute is 2 days training)
  • Two selected summer Teacher Training Center Institutes (TTC Institute is 5 days training)

The courses can be taken over a five year period and taken in any order.


2 Day Courses - Must take TWO

5 Day Courses - Must take TWO

There are two required courses: Leading Learning: Leadership Tools for International Teacher Leaders, and Instructional Supervision Tools for Teacher Leaders.  The other two courses are at your discretion, as long as you meet the two 2-day and two 5-day requirement.