Required Preparation for

Getting to Solutions: The Heart of Counseling

London: 26-30 June 2017

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In preparation for Getting to Solutions: The Heart of Counseling, we ask you to complete the following tasks. This preparation will be the foundation of the course, and extremely helpful in our planning.



READ (linked in PDF)

  • Counseling in Schools and Other Settings  
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: Overview and Implications for School Counselors


  • One case study -- As part of the course we will be reviewing "critical incidents" together. You have received a "Critical Incident Template" attached in the PDF above. Please read and follow the guidelines. This will take about 30 min to prepare. Consider it a “case study” that would be good to discuss with the group. It does not need to be a counseling issue and could be in the broader educational context involving you in a helping role (this should focus on a student you worked with that had specific identifiable issues they were trying to change).

A laptop (required) 

  • Your course materials are digital. Hard copies of the materials will not be available on site.  Bring a laptop computer with appropriate adapters and wireless internet capability. Click here for more information about iPads and tablets. Chromebook users can use the free Kami extension to annotate.
  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC now in order to be able to access your materials properly. Note: Mac users can use Preview.


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Watch Martin Seligman @ Ted Talks:

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Shaun McElroy and Robyn Harwood